• Knoxville

    Overview of Knoxville Tennessee

    Knoxville has over its history been a quietly growing city. However, within the last five years it has become one of the ten fastest growing US cities, with a population gain of near 1% per [...]
  • Knoxville

    Tennessee Has No State Income Tax!

    Most people that are close to retirement look forward to more time to relax. Tennessee has long been a state that has been favorable to retirees’ desires. At the top of those desires are generally [...]
  • Knoxville

    Education For All

    Tennessee’s Educational System Knox County Public School District has 88 schools, including 50 elementary, 16 middle, 16 high and 11 special schools. It employs over 8,300 people and serves over 60,000 students. In addition to [...]
  • Knoxville

    What Are Seasons Like In Knoxville?

    Knoxville is a land that has the best of both worlds, four distinct seasons but none of the harsh extremes. It falls in what is known as a temperate climate zone with an average January [...]
  • Knoxville

    Knoxville’s Laid Back Relaxed Lifestyle

    Relaxation… Ahh…it is what we all want more of in our lives. Although a completely stress-free life is not possible, Knoxville certainly has an atmosphere that lightens the load. First, when you wake up, look [...]


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