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The Town of Farragut is named for Admiral David Glasgow Farragut (1801-1870) who was born at Campbell’s Station, the first permanent settlement by the white man west of Knoxville. After his mother’s death, Farragut spent much of his childhood living with friends. Under the influence of Captain David Porter, who had adopted him, Farragut joined the United States Navy as a midshipman when he was only nine years old. In 1855, Farragut was promoted to Captain. After refusing to side with the South in the Civil War, he commanded a full squadron of U.S. Navy ships. He was promoted to Rear Admiral for his leadership in the Union defeat of the Confederates at New Orleans in 1862. Once again, Farragut leadership brought defeat to the Confederate Navy in Mobile Bay in 1864. This led to his promotion to Vice Admiral. Although it was his superior military skill that resulted in his promotion to Admiral, he is best remembered for the phrase, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

In the fall of 1979, a group known as the Farragut Community Group gathered to explore the concept of incorporating. Many community residents wished to have more control over their destiny. In January of 1980, residents decided to incorporate by an overwhelming margin. The Town of Farragut was incorporated on January 16, 1980, with the first board of Mayor and Alderman elected on April 1, 1980. Controls on zoning, building codes and signage plus major improvements to roads and a sincere commitment to developing parks, green space and leisure opportunities make this community a great place to live and work.

It was this active citizenry which prompted the formation of the Farragut Chamber of Commerce in May 1987. The Chamber is a unified force serving business people and the community as a whole. As we look to the future of our community, the important role of the Chamber becomes increasingly significant. The Chamber’s mission is to further the economic strengths of the community. Recruiting new businesses and jobs, encouraging good government, promoting community pride and involvement, and supporting better education are our basic goals. Progressive standards have been established to ensure the orderly growth of the Town of Farragut. Knox County schools located in Farragut are recognized as being among the best in the State of Tennessee, with strong community support contributing to an education system striving for excellence. Farragut has made great progress in its short history. The Town of Farragut, the Farragut Chamber of Commerce and the townspeople are partners in progress who work together to ensure the future of this community.


Perfectly located for commuting to the Oak Ridge Technology Corridor, Knoxville, Loudon County, Maryville and McGhee Tyson Airport, Farragut has quickly become a drawing card for new families moving to the East Tennessee area and for those already in the area who decide to relocate. Close to major markets and high-tech resources, Farragut offers small-town living with a commercial edge. Although known primarily as a residential community, the Town is also home to a varied mix of businesses. Building and development continue at a steady pace in an area where homes and land are at a premium.

CHURCHES – The Farragut area has some 30 churches serving many faiths and denominations.

COMMERCE – Not only is the Farragut area growing residentially, but commercially, as well.  Since 1980, Farragut has seen a significant increase in new commercial development. The Farragut business district has expanded in order to meet the needs of its citizens. The Town of Farragut does NOT have industrial zoning. It is perfectly suited for corporate headquarters, professional, retail and service-oriented businesses.

CLIMATE – Farragut is fortunate to have moderate temperatures year round. January and July provide the lowest and highest average temperatures during the year. The monthly average high temperature in January is 50 degrees; the average low temperature is 31 degrees. In July the average high temperature is 90 degrees; the average low temperature is 67 degrees. The average rainfall is 47 inches and the average snowfall is 13 inches.

FARRAGUT / WEST KNOX CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is located at 11826 Kingston Pike, Farragut Crossroads Professional Building. For additional information – please call  865-675-7057.

FARRAGUT TOWN ADMINISTRATION is located at 11408 Municipal Center Drive. For additional information please call 865-966-7057.

FIRE DEPARTMENTS – Knox County doesn’t have its own firefighting units. Fire protection is provided by three volunteer fire departments and by Rural/Metro Corporation of Tennessee. Rural/Metro is a private company providing subscription fire and ambulance service to county residents and businesses. The service operates 13 stations in the county. Emergency calls are taken at 675-0600 and business calls at 675-3434.

GOVERNMENTS – Farragut Municipal Government operates with a Mayor/Alderman Charter. The Board of Mayor and Alderman serves as the governing body and consists of the Mayor and four Aldermen. The Mayor is elected at-large and two Aldermen are elected from each of the two wards.  The Town Administrator serves as an appointed Chief Executive who is responsible for supervising and coordinating all Town services and projects. A professional staff has been appointed by the Administrator to implement the various Town services.

LAW ENFORCEMENT – The Knox County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement for the Town.  The Knox County Sheriff is Jimmy Jones. The Farragut Office contact number is 865-675-3210

LICENSES AND PERMITS – Knox County Clerk’s office is located in the Farragut Town Hall – additional information is available by calling 865-966-5205.

LIBRARY – The Farragut Branch Library is located on Campbell Station Road between Kingston Pike and the interstate . The contact number is 865-777-1750.

POPULATION – It has show substantial growth since 1980 when the number was 6,000 to more than 21,000 in 2010.

TAXES – Farragut residents do not pay municipal taxes. Farragut residents do pay the same property taxes as other Knox County residents. Property tax in Knox County is currently $ 2.36 per hundred based on an assessed property value, which is 25 percent of actual value.

Sales tax in Knox County is 9.25 percent. Of that amount, 7 percent is sales tax and 2.25 percent is a local-option tax.

Tennessee is one of a few states without a state income tax. There is a state tax on income from interest and dividends.  Additionally, social security benefits are not taxed in Tennessee.

WATERWAYS – Farragut is bordered by Fort Loudoun Lake which is part of the Tennessee River.  For those who are interest in marine activities, Fox Road Marina, Choto Marina, and Concord Marina offer convenience to all services.  The Concord Sailboat Club offer sailing activities to young and old.

VOTER REGISTRATION – To be eligible to vote, all new residents must register with the Knox County Election Commission. Voter registration and changes of address can be handles at the Knox County Clerk’s Office in the Farragut Town Hall – for more information please call 865-966-5205.

EDUCATION – Knox County Schools serve the families of the Farragut neighborhoods.  To determine which school services which area go to http://knoxschools.org/domain/1289.

The State of Tennessee maintains a “report card” on all educational facilities within the area – access by going to http://tn.gov/education/data/report_card/index.shtml.

Knox County Schools Superintendent’s Office  can be contacted at 865-594-1800

Private Schools include Christian Academy of Knoxville (K-12), Concord Christian School (K-3), Farragut Montessori School (Preschool-1), Knoxville Catholic High School (9-12), Knoxville Christian School (Preschool-8), Sacred Heart Cathedral School (Pre-K – 8), Saint John Newman Catholic School (K-2), Tate School of Discovery (5-12), Webb School of Knoxville (5-12) and The Episcopal School of Knoxville (Preschool-8).

HIGHER EDUCATION – Pellissippi State Community College, Roane State Community College and the University of Tennessee are all within the area.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed a law in May of 2014 that provides free community college tuition to every high school graduate in the state.  The Tennessee Promise would cover tuition for a two-year degree at a community college.

And, Tennessee has available the Hope Scholarship Funds – more information go to http://www.tn.gov/CollegePays/mon_college/hope_scholar.htm

RECREATION – Anchor Park on Turkey Creek Road offers walking trails, running and jogging paths, bicycling, softball, soccer, fishing, volleyball, basketball, and picnic facilities.

Concord Park on Northshore Drive offers picnic facilities, camping, boating, swimming, tennis, athletic fields, beach area, boat launching, 3 par golf, marinas and fishing piers.

Campbell Station Park offers Art Sculptures, Benches, Grilling area, Mulch Walk Trails, Open Play Area, Paved Walk Trails, Picnic Pavilion, and Restrooms.

McFee Park on McFee Road offers athletic fields, grilling areas, paved walking trails, picnic pavilion, playground, restrooms and splash pad.

Mayor Bob Leonard Park & Playground on Watt Road features softball, baseball, football, soccer fields and sand volleyball courts.

Farragut Recreation can be contacted at 865-966-7057.  The Knox County Parks and Recreation can be contacted at 865-521-2346.