Overview of Knoxville Tennessee

Hosted The 1982 World's Fair

Market Square

Knoxville has over its history been a quietly growing city. However, within the last five years it has become one of the ten fastest growing US cities, with a population gain of near 1% per year. Knoxville population inside the city is at 184,000 but the Metropolitan Statistical Area is over 878,000.

The overview is that it is not only retirees that like this scruffy little city. Young professionals are really comfortable with the laid back atmosphere here too. Knoxville’s population median age is 33 with almost 45% of the total population between 20 and 40 years old.

Knoxville’s relaxed atmosphere seems to make everyone happier and more likely to not only visit but to decide to live in this city with the lovely mountain view. Those of us who live here certainly understand the increased interest in the area. It is nestled in a valley with the shield of the Cumberland Plateau to the northwest and The Great Smoky Mountains to the southeast. This makes for a really gentle weather pattern and protection from the uncomfortable extremes.

Knoxville is quite unique in that it enjoys all four seasons but has very little really cold weather and less heat and humidity than most southern cities. Summer average highs are in the upper 80’s and lows in the upper 60’s. Winter average highs are in the upper 40’s and lows in the low 30’s.

Plus, the old hills that surround the city make a really nice playground for a great number of recreational activities and the 7 TVA lakes work to fulfill the water lover’s dream. Hiking, boating and fishing make for some really happy outdoors orientated men and women.

Don’t forget, Knoxville has a long history of great music, art and food and it just gets more diverse and better every year.

The interstate system has helped to guide a lot of people through the valley. The city is conveniently located off I40 and I75 and is within one day’s drive of half the population of the continental US.

Residents of Knoxville can use that convenient interstate system to take quick little trips to Nashville, Asheville and Charlotte North Carolina and Charleston South Carolina. This makes for easy short vacations and beach trips.

It may be a scruffy little city but it is in the perfect position to continue to grow in all the right ways. Plus – Knoxville has been named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live by LivabilitySunsphere - Worlds Fair Park in Knoxville.

Contributed by Maxine Perry