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Ready for the fall colors in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

The biggest question is “when is the best time to visit”.

This year, the Department of Biology at Appalachian State University published a map of their estimates for the North Carolina side of the park.

It would appear that the first week in October is the target for the higher elevations. Most of the park will be at peak in the second and third week in October.  We hope they are right.

YouTube / KnoxvilleHomes – via Iframely

Make a note – #fallcolors in the Smoky Mountains – Early October

Knoxville | Lakemoor Hills Convenience

Upon entering Lakemoor Hills, after a long summer day, you will catch a glint of sunlight filtering thru the trees and you will feel a cool calm change in the air.

YouTube / KnoxvilleHomes – via Iframely

Much like Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, this neighborhood is heavily wooded and has an air of confidence and an independent spirit that comes from the educated, hardworking families that live there .The appreciation of history is evident by the care that has been taken to preserve it. Reminders of the Revolutionary War are present all around the peninsula and jewels of some of Knoxville’s greatest architects are delightful surprises. Wells Cemetery is only one of several Revolutionary War era cemeteries. The Anderson Waller Home was designed by the well-known David West Barber, who lived just around the corner as did his cousin, another illustrious architect, Charles Barber. McCarrell Cabin holds the distinction of being the oldest structure on its original site in Knox County and McCarrell Spring once provided water for much of South Knoxville.

The neighborhood has a lot of walkers and most of the roads are only used by the residents so walking is a good way to get outside and enjoy the trees and flowers. There is also a neighborhood park, Maloney Park, on the lake with a boat ramp, playground, and a walking trail. Lake Hills Presbyterian Church is just a short drive and it offers an expanded variety of recreational facilities with a walking trail, basketball courts and tennis courts. Plans for the Knoxville Greenways to be expanded to connect Maloney Rd. Park to I.C. King Park by crossing the UT Farms property would allow even more access to county parks.



It is that time of the year. Tennessee Valley Authority [TVA] has begun to raise the level of our area lakes.

Most, if not all of our 7 lakes, will be near full summer pool by Mid-May.

In checking Norris last week-end, about another ten feet and it will be at full pool. Cherokee and Douglas are the other two reserve lakes. They are projected to be a summer pool by early May.

As of the first of April, Fort Loudoun is about 4 feet below summer pool but scheduled to rise rapidly. All the main stream lakes are projected to be at summer pool by Mid-May.

Come enjoy our lakes…

Or, explore some of our lakefront homes for sale !!

April – Dogwood Arts

April is the season – Dogwoods in Bloom !

Dogwood Trails, Dogwood Arts festivities, Market Square events, and the wonderful rainbow of colors of the many public offerings during this festival.

The Dogwood Trails feature the communities of Farragut, Chapman Highway, Westmoreland, Fountain City, Holston Hills, Sequoyah Hills, and Lakemoor Hills.

Some of the events are:

April 8 – 26 – the trails and gardens are open

April 10-12 – Rhythm N. Blooms

April 11 – Chalk Walk

April 17-19 – the Market Square Festival

April 25-26 – Bikes and Blooms

These events represent more than 50 years of celebrating the Dogwood bloom.

Knoxville Convention Center

The 1982 World’s Fair Park is the setting for the Knoxville Convention Center.  An easy walk to the University of Tennessee, Market Square, Knoxville’s Olde City, Tennessee Riverfront Park and Neyland Stadium for Volunteer Football.

This 500,000 square foot facility serves as host to numerous local, state and national events. The center offers fourteen meeting rooms, three luxury conference rooms, a lecture hall seating 450 people, a ballroom seating 1,650 for a banquet, and a 120,000 square foot exhibition hall.

Just off Interstates 40/75/81, the center offers unparalleled access by automobile to more than half of the population of the United States. Three border-to-border or coast-to-coast interstates are unusual in any location in the country.

Earlier Morning in Cades Cove

YouTube / KnoxvilleHomes – via Iframely

Wildlife everywhere…. Bears, Deer, Eagles and Hawks roam the expansive fields. Bikers peddle the winding trails and roads.  This quiet historical cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. was populated until 1936. And, you can still stop and enjoy visiting the many existing homes of the past.