Things To Do In Spring In Knoxville

There isn’t a season in East Tennessee that doesn’t simply take your breath away! Spring time brings an explosion of color and sweet fragrant flowers to Knoxville. The feeling of waking up from the cold of winter makes your senses sing.  Daffodils, hyacinth, crocus, tulips, redbud, dogwood, magnolia, apple and cherry blossom, azalea and wisteria are just a few of the flowers that are on display on the Dogwood Trails around Knoxville. The Knoxville Botanical Garden and the University of Tennessee Gardens are open to the public every spring. Dozens of farmers markets start popping up around town like mushrooms in April.  There is nothing like the flavor of those locally grown strawberries and tomatoes.  These markets have a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as incredible baked goods and unique locally made craftsman and artist’s merchandise.

April is a beautiful time in Knoxville, the dogwoods start to bloom and it truly start to feel like spring time. Every year the non profit, Dogwood Arts Organization, hosts the annual Dogwood Arts Festival and the Dogwood Trails.

Dogwood Arts Trails:

Knoxville’s iconic Dogwood Trails date back to 1955 and today cover 13 neighborhoods through out Knoxville. Follow the painted pink arrows on the street to follow the trail in your car or on foot. The Dogwood Trails feature the communities of Farragut, Chapman Highway, Westmoreland, Fountain City, Holston Hills, Sequoyah Hills, and Lakemoor Hills. To get directions for each neighborhood click here!

Take drive or walk to enjoy the beautiful blooming dogwoods!

Dogwood Arts Festival:

The annual Dogwood Arts Festival will be April 26-28th in downtown Knoxville’s Market Square. The festival features over 100 fine art vendors, live music, entertainment, and has food and beverage vendors. For more information click here!

Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk:

There is also an annual chalk art event hosted by the Dogwood Arts. Artists from all over East Tennessee come to Market Square and fill the market with incredible chalk art. The chalk walk will be April 6th from 8-5pm and the winners will be announced at 7pm. For more information click here.

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