Roaring Fork Motor Trail

Just outside Gatlinburg is what can only be described as an enchanted forest. Great Smoky Mountains October Colors

The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is like stepping into another world of quiet majestic beauty. It is a narrow one way road that winds next to a fast moving mountain stream named, obviously, Roaring Fork. If you love the sound of rushing water you cannot find a better spot for your senses to be enlivened. This loop road is only a little over 5 miles long but it packs a lot of vistas, waterfalls and history into that short distance.

The road quickly ascends up Piney Mountain topping out at an overlook that is just over 3,000 feet then, descends just as quickly. Along the way, you can stop to enjoy several preserved homesteads including the Ogle Farm that features a handcrafted wooden flume plumbing system plus a working tub mill and trailheads to two of the most refreshing waterfalls in the Smokies.

Rainbow Falls is an 80 foot waterfall, making it the highest single drop falls in the park and the 25 foot Grotto Falls, is a great place to cool off and walk behind this wall of water.

After a day of hustle and bustle in Gatlinburg turn off the parkway at traffic light #8 and follow the Historic Nature Trail Rd to the Cherokee Orchard entrance. After you pass the Rainbow Falls trailhead take the one-way Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail.

Come visit and explore the beauty and lifestyle of East Tennessee.

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