Relaxed Lifestyle

Looking around at what East Tennessee has to offer plus no state income tax.

Relaxation… Ahh…it is what we all want more of in our lives.

Although a completely stress-free life is not possible, Knoxville certainly has an atmosphere that lightens the load. First, when you wake up, look outside. There will likely be a view of the spectacular mountains that surround the city or a sparkling vision of one of the pristine lakes.

East Tennessee has plenty of both hills and streams. The immense variety of trees also makes for an abundance of fresh air. Mornings are not freezing cold and ice covered or even stifling hot. So, the commute to work or running errands does not involve hours of sitting in traffic waiting for big trucks to free the roads of mountains of snow. Actually, many commutes can be a pleasant walk or a quick bike ride.

If recreation is what leads to your peaceful place, East Tennessee is the geographical zen. Knoxville is surrounded by locations that encourage all manner of fun physical activities. Hiking, biking, fishing, boating, skiing, and swimming are just the beginning of ways that you can spend an afternoon. You just can’t find this kind of outdoor fun anywhere else! Our indoor recreation is not too shabby either. With a diversity of gyms, yoga and wellness studios even the few unkind weather days can still be exciting and athletic. And, don’t forget the ultimate athletic event. In the fall, gather around Neyland Stadium, do the wave and enjoy some University of Tennessee football with 100,000 of your best friends.

After an action packed day, the real relaxation begins with evenings full of music and great southern cooking. You can hear the music everywhere you turn, any kind a person can create and often it is free or in places with really great food and drinks. Oh, and speaking of drinks, there are some really creative breweries in the city.

Which leads to the very best thing about East Tennessee may just be the company of some really great folks. Knoxville does have a really fine sense of community. Support of the local farmers, bands, brews and small businesses makes everyone happier and more at ease.

Contributed by Maxine Perry