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Parents and relocating families are alway searching for information which assists in planning their child's education. The Knoxville, Alcoa, Maryville and Oak Ridge areas are blessed with highly ranked schools. You will find the Tennessee Compresensive Assessment below.

Young adults research their options on advancing their education. And, of course, there are those interested in continuing education programs. The University of Tennessee and numerous community colleges provide many sources for additional programs.

In the left margin, we provide a link to the educational facilities within the East Tennessee area as well as request links for detailed reports on cost-of-living, neighborhoods, and schools. We hope, in some small way, our information on the Knoxville area will assist in your planning.

State TCAP Scores Released

Knoxville School RankingsThe Tennessee Department of Education has released the students' scores in the 2002 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP). The nationally normed achievement test is administered annually to Tennessee students in elementary and middle schools. The subtests assess skills in math, reading, language, science, social studies, study skills and spelling.

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